“The OMEn Chronicles” Gets Even More Impressive

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  • The OMEn Chronicles – Harry Potter – 4K

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  • The OMEn Chronicles is a story set in the Harry Potter universe, and it’s one of the most impressive explorations into the wizarding world that we’ve seen to date. If the original video wasn’t impressive enough, Wren Weichman, the director, producer, and genius behind all of the special effects, has since put up videos showing us just how much work went into The OMEn Chronicles.

  • The OMEn Chronicles – Before and After

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  • A month after The OMEn Chronicles went up Wren put up this before and after video of the raw footage against the final product. Right off the bat, the differences between the two videos are pretty crazy. Even just the color grading of the video is impressive.

  • OMEn Chronicles: The Effects

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  • Just a few days ago, Wren uploaded tis video showing the building blocks of the special effects in The OMEn Chronicles. This latest video is out of this world impressive, as it makes us appreciate all of Wren’s work to create a new and captivating expansion of a universe many people love and grew up with.

    If you’re just as impressed as we are wit Wren, his team, and their work…Go show him some love and subscribe to his channel for more special effects videos and tutorials!

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