Watch Beautiful People Disrobe Each Other in “Undress Me”

From the maker of "First Kiss" comes "Undress Me," where people more attractive than you get together to take off each others' clothes. It's art, or something.
By Jonathan Harris
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    Four months ago, Tatia Pllieva asked 20 strangers who are much more attractive than you to kiss on camera for the first time. The whole thing was an advertisement for female clothing company Wren, but the video still racked up 86 million and remains one of 2014’s biggest YouTube hits.

    Now, to promote Showtime’s Masters of Sex, Pllieva’s kicking it up a notch, by asking 20 different strangers — all of whom are still more attractive than you (including the guy in his 50s) — to undress each other and get into bed.

    The format has already been parodied over the past few months, most notably by Max Landis in The Slap.

    We here at What’s Trending have concluded that these videos can either be characterized as social experiments without any goals, or art pieces performed with minimal effort. Either way, Shia LaBeouf could learn a few things.