This Guy Will Teach You How To Create A Hit Pop Song In Just 5 Minutes

You can now create a chart-topping single by following these simple steps.
By Jay Leone
  • How To Make A Hit Pop Song, Pt. 1

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    Apparently, you can now learn how to make a hit single in just under five minutes.

    YouTube user Brett Domino puts Jason Derulo to shame with his vocal and production skills — and lays out the formula that’s guaranteed to make you a chart-topping pop star. His suggestions include using an instrument you can’t play, using the Internet for help when writing lyrics, and above all, “always keep it sexy.” He even uses Jennifer Lawrence as inspiration for his lyrics.

    Although the video is just for laughs, his theories seem pretty accurate in terms of the music industry, and the finished product, ‘Sexy When You Do That’ doesn’t sound too far off from something you’d hear on the radio!