The 10 Most Bizarre “Archie” Crossovers of All Time

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  • Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

    Archie palin obama issue 616


    As part of the “Campaign Pain” storyline in December of 2010, political opponents Barack Obama and Sarah Palin set aside their differences to help out with the hotly-contested student council show-down between Archie and his main rival, Reggie Mantle.

  • A617 650x999

    Aww, let’s stay together…

  • Edward Cullen



    OK, he wasn’t called “Edward Cullen” by name, but “Archie and Friends #146” made the inspiration behind Riverdale’s new vampire coven pretty clear, from the arc title “Twilite” to this “New Moon” parody cover art.

  • Tiny Titans

    Tiny titans little archie and his pals vol 1 1


    DC Comics and Archie Comics united for the limited series “Tiny Titans/Little Archie and His Pals,” exploring the overlapping space between Sidekick City and Riverdale. Finally, an answer to the question “Does an infant Archie stand a chance facing off against a toddler Deathstroke”?!??!

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch



    Before Melissa Joan Hart brought the character to new life on TV, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a character in Archie Comics. The adolescent half-witch hails from the town of Greendale, located somewhere near Archie’s hometown of Riverdale.

    This particular cover is taken from an “Afterlife with Archie” series in May of 2014, when Sabrina brought Jughead’s dog back from the dead using the Necronomicon. You know, like you do…

  • KISS

    2159977 627 2nd print


    Archie clearly wants to rock and roll all night, but partying every day? That just sounds exhausting. Regardless, Archie and his pals met up with everyone’s favorite makeup-clad ’70s rock stars in a four-part series called “Riverdale Rock City,” kicking off in January 2012.

  • Jason Voorhees

    Tumblr n0loj8niis1qhk4zlo1 1280


    OK, it’s just a parody by artist Christ Oliver, and not official Archie canon, but who can resist this Tumblr “Friday the 13th” parody featuring Archie and a scantily clad Betty Cooper. I hope this doesn’t mean Archie’s mild-mannered mom Mary has some kind of dark secret history of mental illness…

  • George Takei

    Kevinkeller6var 3 4


    Former “Star Trek” star and Internet icon George Takei beamed into the Archie Universe back in 2012 in the pages of side character Kevin Keller’s book. Keller, like Takei, is an outspoken advocate of LGBT issues – and had also been a long-time self-professed Takei fan. (He even got to bring his husband, Brad, along!) Takei praised the artist’s version of him, particularly his thick head of hair and slim waistline.

  • The Cast of “Glee”

    Archie meets glee


    In March of 2013, a scientific experiment gone haywire unexpectedly blasted together the Archie Comics and “Glee” universes for a four-part crossover event. Overall, everyone got along, save Sue Sylvester, who turns her attention from foiling the New Directions to Jughead and his signature crown.

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Enhanced 12322 1392838488 8


    Well, they’re all teenagers… I guess this makes SOME sense… But this collaboration was really more of a business decision.

    From 1988 to 1995, Archie Comics was the main publisher of adventures starring Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Donatello (the turtles, not the Renaissance guys). Which meant lots of opportunities for the heroes in a half-shell to encounter the Riverdale gang.

    This cover comes from 1991, when an intergalactic cow head surprisingly and mysteriously dropped the turtles into Archie’s world.

  • The Punisher



    Yes, that’s right, Frank Castle has meet up with Archie. And somehow, both survived the encounter. Back in 1994, Marvel and Archie Comics teamed up for this one-shot, when the Punisher came to Riverdale on the hunt for a drug pusher named “Red.” The comic is also notable for including a number of inside jokes and references to other Marvel characters, including Wolverine and Doctor Strange.

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