RIP RickRoll’d: 2007-2014

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  • From the very first second, you knew you were pranked. Those 80s digital drums would fill your headphones, and it was over. You had been RickRoll’d.

    Back in 2007, some genius with the screen name of cotter548 uploaded Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Then, he sent it to a friend and pretended it was something mildly interesting. An Internet prank was born.

    Unfortunately, the original RickRoll’d video is now unavailable to stream in the U.S. See for yourself:

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  • Ha ha! One last victory! Actually, the original RickRoll’d video can still be found right here. Can you still see this? Let us know what country you’re in! And then, RickRoll some friends. They’ll never know what him them. For the rest of us, we’ll either have to use the official Rick Astley Vevo account or be content with presenting our friends with far too much tuna fish.

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