Kickstart This Unlicensed “Breaking Bad” Sequel

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  • Amateur TV producer Larry Shepherd may not have the RIGHTS to shoot a follow-up to the massively popular AMC drama series “Breaking Bad.” But that hasn’t stopped him from launching a Kickstarter raising half a million dollars for the project, which he describes as a quirky mystery series in the vein of “Monk” and “Colombo.”

    Shepherd’s oddly-titled “Anastasia” would feature Val Kilmer (!) and guitarist Slash (!!!) as a pair of US Marshals. (No Tommy Lee Jones? IT’S THE PART HE WAS BORN TO PLAY!) As the show opens, our heroes are investigating the strange disappearance of the late Walter White’s body from a meth lab.

    What’s that? This premise lacks insane gimmicks? FEAR NOT! The case culminates in Kilmer’s character – a recovering addict – discovering that everyone in his 12-step program is secretly a wanted criminal in hiding! According to Shepherd, these roles would be played – in heavy make-up – by famous celebrity former addicts, including Russell Brand, Neil Young and the definitely-on-board-for-this-I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about Robert Downey Jr.

    Unlike a lot of other Kickstarters we could mention (hey, potato salad guy!), Shepherd has already really thought this whole thing through. Except for that pesky “I’m legally not allowed to make this” part. He’s worked out Slash’s love interest for later seasons, he knows he wants the pilot to air the Monday before Halloween… He even has scripts for the first 10 episodes all written up!

    So far, the project’s only brought in $323 out of the hoped-for $500,000 total. So if you are desperate for more “Breaking Bad,” but not interested in actually seeing actors from the original show and the creator/writer return in “Better Call Saul,” get over there and donate today!

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