More Than 200 Strangers Attended This 8 Year Old Boy’s Concert

"I just wanted to play for people, I wanted to play for free, and now I'm famous."
By Monica Lowe
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    Source: NBC News

    When Dylan Spoering, 8, put up a sign on his front lawn advertising a free concert, he probably didn’t expect hundreds of people to show up, especially not in the rain. However, that’s exactly what happened, thanks to the help of neighbor and fellow musician Thomas Rehbein who saw the sign as he was biking home one day.

    In an act of pure kindness, Rehbein decided to take a photo of Dylan’s sign and posted about the event on Facbeook.

    “Wouldn’t it be cool if a bunch of people showed up for his free concert?”
    Reiban said, according to NBC.

    It was then that event quickly became viral.

    On the day of the concert, the ever confident Dylan played for 10 whole minutes from his elementary school music book.

    It must have been a captivating show, because the crowd went on to cheer and even gave him a standing ovation in the rain.

    Dylan went on to greet his new fans with homemade cookies and even signed autographs.

    This can go without saying…but you should definitely keep the name Dylan Spoering in mind.

    As reported, Dylan will be playing again on August 2. Same time. Same place. Don’t miss it.

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