Man Who Spent 4 Years Growing Out Beard Shaves For Grandmother’s 100th Birthday

Scott Cleveland is a man of his word.
By Monica Lowe
  • Shaving for 100

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    For you optimists out there, have you ever thought about what you might want for your 100th birthday? Whatever it may be, it’s probably not something as simple as wanting your grandson to be clean shaven again.

    Scott Cleveland from Los Angeles, Calif., who had spent the past four years growing out his facial hair, recently had to bid it farewell when his grandmother reached her century mark.

    “I said if she made it to 100 I’d shave,” Cleveland tells us in his, now viral, video.

    Watch as the adorable grandmother claps and cheers on as Cleveland shaves. She even goes on to assist him at one point.

    When Cleveland had finished shaving, the smiling grandmother says affectionately, “That looks like Scott. I’m glad to see you again.”

    Cleveland laughs, wishing his grandmother a “Happy Birthday” before telling her, “I love you, but I’m growing it back.”