Munenori Kawasaki, Short Stop For The Toronto Blue Jays… And Comedian?

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  • Kawasaki: ‘A monkey never cramps’

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    Munenori Kawasaki is a Japanese professional baseball shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays. He may or may not also moonlight as a stand-up comedian judging from his past interviews.

    In Kawasaki’s most recent interview with Barry Davis of SportsNet Canada, he tells the reporter that he’d recently resolved his cramp issues by adding bananas to his diet, adding that he’d learned it from monkeys. After all, monkeys never cramp, right?

    So how many bananas do we, as humans, need?

    For Kawasaki, that answer is three.

    “I need three bananas because monkeys never cramp,” he tells the camera with a straight face, as laughter erupts in the background.

    Arigato, Munenori. That’s some solid advice.

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