Jason Nash Proves You Don’t Need To Spend Big Bucks To Make A Great Movie

Nash, creator and star of "Jason Is Married," chatted with us about what went into making the film.
By Alexandra Zaslow
  • During our exclusive interview with actor-comedian Jason Nash, he took us behind the scenes of “Jason Nash Is Married,” the first ever feature-length movie for Comedy Central’s digital production studio, CC: Studios.

    Nash, who wrote, produced and directed the film, plays a fictionalized version of himself: A married man with two kids who is lost in the shadows of his wife’s successful career.

    Not only did they make the film for just $12,000, but also landed the #1 spot on iTunes.

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  • WT: Congrats on making it to the Top 10 on iTunes! What did that feel like?

    JN: I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even think we’d make the Top 100, let alone Top 10. I know it all came from Vines and Twitter and I thought, wow, the Internet is so amazing. I was just blown away by it. It was just an amazing thing to be able to do that.

    You don’t need to have a huge distributor to help you make your movie anymore, you can just put it up on iTunes! We passed “Hunger Games,“ “Her” and other popular, big budget movies on iTunes. These cost millions of dollars and ours only cost $12,000 to make, so that feels really good… especially because I worked on it for so long and didn’t know how it would resonate with people. But everyone seemed to love it! I know what people like to see. Like the movie suggests, in every relationship there are those that “eat shit,” while the other “soars like a bird.”

    WT: Any plans on taking it to the big screen?

    JN: We’re going to play at iPic Theaters in Los Angeles. It’s nice and has a restaurant in it, which gives people the date experience, so it’s really perfect for this movie. I imagine couples going together and having a drink as they watch the movie. Right now, we don’t have any further plans, but it’s only been out for about three weeks. We keep hearing from little theaters that want to show it.

    WT: What went into putting it together?

    JN: I wrote the script and then brought in all these actors who ended up being friends. It was so crazy! I told everyone I was trying to do something out-of-the-box. It’s an unspoken thing in Hollywood, but when you say you’re “trying to do something different,” everyone is game. They respond, “yes I’ll be there.”

    My whole cast was just so amazing. You give them the script, they read it and then go ahead and put their own spin on it… and then the movie ends up becoming half what I did and half their own thing.

    WT: Do you like when they made it their own or would you rather them stick to the script?

    JN: I’m thrilled when they make it their own! Everyone I hired was way more experienced and talented than me — they are all writers and performers – so I was learning from them. The best thing I did was just get out of the way. When you bring in the people of caliber that I brought in, they kind of take the reigns. They just do exactly what they want because they have no one watching over them.

    It’s really hard to be given something and make it 10 times funnier, but that’s what they did. My favorite thing in the world is to work with funny people.

    WT: Where’d the idea for the movie come from?

    JN: It came to me from living in LA with my wife and getting married before I sort of knew who I was. The movie is about finding love before you find yourself. All of my friends had all these great careers and I was kind of lost. When you’re lost and you look at them, you want to follow them and when that doesn’t happen, you get really depressed. Then I thought that this is what I wanted to make a movie about – my story!

    Half of the plot is true and half is made up. I love when people make real stuff. It’s like when you pitch a television show and the network tries to turn your main character into a chef and you respond by telling them you’re not a chef, but they think the audience will relate to a chef more… and before you know it, you’re a chef!

    When I watch “Girls,” I believe it. I’m so impressed with Lena Dunham and think she’s brilliant. After I saw “Tiny Furniture,” I stood up and decided I’m making a movie. She really inspired me.

    WT: In the movie, you’re a kid at heart with some growing up to do. Do you feel this way in real life?

    JN: I love my wife, but I hate going to dinner with the same couples who sit around and talk about what Coachella was like 10 years ago. I just get so bored. That’s why I have a lot of friends who are 25 and I even hang out with this one 19-year-old from Vine. Sometimes I’ll just go and hangout with him and shoot Vines. I need to grow up in the sense that I need to get old and die. That’s all people talk about nowadays… who dropped dead on the treadmill or who has cancer – it’s so depressing!

    WT: What does your wife think of the movie?

    JN: I don’t think she loved it, but she knew this is what was going to make me happy. She started to like it when we brought Busy Phillips on board because she’s so funny and was playing the role of my wife.

    She also keeps an eye on how the movie is doing. She called me the other day and told me the movie was #10 on iTunes. That made everything worth it, that one moment.

    WT: What was it like to work with Busy Phillips?

    JN: She’s a real actress, her wheels are always turning. I knew I wanted her for the part, so I got her email address and cold emailed her. I never expected her to respond, and if she hadn’t there’d be no movie. She wrote back and said she was in. That’s how you make it happen!

    WT: Does she share any common personality traits with your wife?

    JN: They’re both really in charge and focused – it’s a really attractive quality. They know what they want.

    WT: How has the movie changed your life?

    JN: It’s changed my life in more ways than one. It was the #1 grossing film for Viacom, so that felt good. It was especially great because we made it for almost no money, shot it at my house with friends and had no restrictions.

    WT: What’s next for Jason Nash?

    JN: I’m working on two movies. One is about social media and the other is about my dad, who plays a criminal.

    I don’t even care what happens, I just want to make movies. It’s nice to be in a place now where people want to hear from you and return your calls.

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