Twerking ‘Grannies’ Take Internet By Storm

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  • Stourbridge Carnival

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    A raunchy video of “grannies” doing a choreographed routine at the Stourbridge Carnival in the United Kingdom has caught the attention of audiences from Japan, to India, to the United States.

    The women get down to “Low,” then switch gears to some Beyonce before moving on to Bhangra and “Gangnam Style.” The crowd cheers them on, with viewers whipping out smartphones in an attempt to capture the moment. Behind the ancient glasses and white wigs, there are three younger women performing.

    “Sue Hawkins, Jackie Fellows, Deb Nicholls and Emma Rollason perform together for the Dudley-based Fizzog Productions,” according to The Mirror. The source went on to interview Hawkins. “Sue, 42, from Wordsley near Stourbridge, plays the elderly character ‘Letty’ in the wacky dance act, which also features Bhangra music.”

    “We just can’t believe the reaction we’ve had to the video. We put it on YouTube for a laugh and it just took off,” Hawkins told the outlet.”We have had a huge response from people in India, who loved the Bhangra dancing, and from people in Japan, who enjoyed our version of Gangnam.”

    The grannies have been in the making for over a decade now, as the women met in college, where they studied theatre together. Aside from this latest performance, other popular routines include a flash mob in the Stourbridge Town Center and routine in Birmingham New Street.

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