Tommy Wiseau, Lord And Savior Of Horrible Movies Is Back – Or Is He?

The creator and star of 'The Room' made a TV show 10 years ago and now it's finally getting released.
By Greg Baker
  • Tommy Wiseau’s “The Neighbors” Trailer

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    Tommy Wiseau, the genius behind the “worst movie ever made” is still trying.

    His latest project, “The Neighbors” (which is coincidentally the name of show that just finished it’s TV run on ABC) launched it’s website this week much to the chagrin of moviegoers everywhere.

    The show is about… well, maybe it’s better to show you the description from the website.

  • Untitled


    This very well appears to be another fantastic specimen of Wiseau’s unique writing style, outlining the plot for the pilot episode.

    His project will be coming September 2014, according to the website. We don’t know which platform it will be released on, but we know it will be glorious.

    Remember guys, keep your stupid comments in your pockets, because this sitcom could be the next big thing… or not.