Husband Blasts Wife’s Excuses For Turning Him Down In Bed Via Spreadsheet

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    Someone’s not getting enough lovin’ and they turned to the Internet to express how they’re feeling. Reddit user Throwwwwaway29 posted a spreadsheet her husband emailed to her keeping track of her excuses for not having sex.

    Apparently, the Reddit user was on her way to a business trip when she received the e-mail and, like anyone would be, she was not happy with her significant other. She thought it was extremely “immature.”

    Maybe if she was taking care of business in the bedroom, she wouldn’t have gotten that e-mail. However, in her own defense, Throwwwwaway29 said her increasingly busy schedule has kept her from getting intimate with her spouse.

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    However, in the battle of the sexes, some Reddit users sided with the wife and others with the husband.

    Reddit user jenntasticxx sided with the husband and offered some advice:

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    While others reasoned that they’re two sides to every story and the wife might have some good reasons to be turning down her husband.

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    What do you think of the husband using the spreadsheet to communicate with his wife? Or better yet, what’s the most ridiculous excuse you’ve given to turn down sex or received? Comment below.

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