Waiter Left With $1,000 Tip

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    Source: The Ginger Man / Via: ow.ly

    Michael Shafts, a waiter at The Ginger Man in Albany, N.Y., got the surprise of a lifetime when two patrons left him a $1,000 tip for his superb service. Manager Julie Byron while surprised, was probably less so than Shafts. “I always tell him that he’s my favorite. He’s honestly a great guy and it couldn’t have happened to a better person,” she told ABC News.

    Along with the $1,000 gratuity fee were the words “Pay it forward. My birthday present to me!” It was the man’s 47th birthday.

    As reported, everyone was thrilled for the hardworking Shafts who not only works full-time at Sunmark Federal Credit Union and pulls three part-time shifts a week at The Ginger Man, but also has a side business repairing iPhones.

    Shafts who has been waiting tables for four years, not surprisingly, ended up splitting more than half of it with his fellow staff mates. It was an act which Byron described as not being out of character.

    Sounds like Byron hit the nail on the head: That $1,000 tip really couldn’t have fallen into better hands.

    We’re all equally as excited for you here, Michael. Keep up the stellar work!

    Many kudos to the couple who left that tip! And Happy Belated 47th Birthday!

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