Desperate Filmmaker Hosts Auditions For Potential Boyfriend

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    Girls dream of dating the lead actors from their favorite romcoms whether it’s Zac Efron, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling. But, filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler took dating the lead actor into her own hands by holding a casting call to find her dream boyfriend.

    The actors had to answer personal questions, reenact scenes from “The Notebook” and repeat compliments back to Kahnweiler. Most of the guys couldn’t keep straight faces throughout the video, especially when she has them repeat back “good boyfriend” statements such as, “Your feminist rhetoric really turns me on.”

    Auditioning to be a boyfriend might be new for the actors, the premise of holding a casting call to find a boyfriend is VERY familiar to Kahnweiler, who created the film “Stupid Questions.”

    “…Stupid Questions stars Zelda Williams as Lucy, a feisty young casting assistant who holds a phony casting call in an effort to find her dream guy,” according to Kahnweiler’s website.

    You’ll have to watch the movie to find out if Lucy is lucky at love and finds her perfect boyfriend. Kahnweiler’s real life casting call left her empty handed. Unfortunately, her perfect pick was engaged.

    If you could hold your own dating casting call, who would you want to audition? Comment below!

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