8 Celebs Face Off For Best Iconic Image Remake

Our editors picks for who did it best.
By Emy LaCroix
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    These four women are some of the most famous beauty icons throughout history. Whether it’s in the form of ads, Halloween costumes, or dorm room posters, they show up everywhere. So it’s no surprise that many celebrities would emanate them. However not all remakes are considered equal (just look at Transformers). Here, we’ll pick our favorite icon recreations.

  • Rosie The Riveter: Beyonce Vs. Alexis Bledel


    Beyonce posted this DIY icon photo of herself as Rosie the Riveter to her Instagram yesterday (which almost made the Internet explode). Alexis Bledel posed at the 1940’s tough-girl in Glamour mazagize for an “American Icons” feature. We feel like Queen Bey would win in a real riveting contest, so she wins!

  • Holly Golightly: Kelly Brook Vs. Tina Fey


    Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is probably one of the biggest fashion icons and most remade. Two opposite examples are model Kelly Brook and Tina Fey. Kelly recreated the classic image for a promotion for Sky Movies’ Christmas schedule, while Tina Fey took a modern and funny approach on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Brook’s photo is almost identical to the original, and completely gorgeous, but Tina’s made us laugh AND is glam as hell. This round goes to Tina!

  • Marilyn Monroe: Paris Hilton Vs. Michelle Williams


    Marilyn Monroe was one of the worlds greatest sex symbols. Her image is emulated all the time, but not often so impressively as Michelle Williams and Paris Hilton. Paris dedicated her 10th fragrance Tease, and her red carpet look, to the icon. Michelle Williams portrayed a toned-down version of the bombshell for a spread in Vogue AND in the film My Week With Marilyn. It takes some real chops to play someone so iconic, and we like the more real, less-plastic version of Monroe better. Michelle is the winner!

  • Twiggy: Lena Dunham Vs. Carey Mulligan


    Twiggy was the British Mod Goddess of the 60s, many celebrities have tried to recreate her beautiful image. Carey Mulligan did a gorgeous spread in Wonderland channeling the model, while Lena Dunham’s Entertainment Weekly spread was more fun and upbeat. Twiggy had a delicate pout, but she wasn’t freakin’ crying, Carey! Lena wins for making us smile.

    Who do you think makes the best Twiggy? Who would win in a fight between Alexis Bledel and Beyonce? If you disagree with us, tell us your opinion in the comments!