5 Actors Who Are Butthurt About Not Being In Remakes Of Their Movies

Kevin Sorbo is only the latest actor to get mad.
By Greg Baker
  • 1. Kevin Sorbo

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    Kevin Sorbo is PISSED. The star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is mad that he was not asked to make a cameo in the new Hercules movie, starring The Rock. In an interview at the premiere of his new movie, Alongside Night, Sorbo said that “it’s kind of stupid” that he’s not in the film.

  • 2. William Shatner

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    Shatner was reportedly angry with the new Star Trek movies. He called director J.J. Abrams “a pig” It’s fairly obvious that even though Shatner was offered a cameo, he’s a little butthurt.

  • 3. Kirk Douglas

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    Kirk Douglas starred as McMurphy in the stage adaptation of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in 1963, but when it was being adapted into a film, Douglas was not considered for the role that won Jack Nicholson the Oscar. Douglas was deemed too old for the role.

  • 4. Adam West

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    Adam West really, REALLY wanted to be in Tim Burton’s Batman. When he was passed for the role, West reportedly cried for an hour. Poor little Batman 🙁

  • 5. Gene Wilder


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    With more backlash to Burton comes Gene WIilder, Mr. Wonka himself. During an event in New York, Wilder admitted that he hated the Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp remake, calling it “an insult.” It seems as though Tim Burton got the golden ticket to Gene Wilder’s angry side.