Jimmy Fallon Rocks The Rock For His 90s-Chic Getup

Dwayne Johnson uploaded a hilarious Instagram of him from the 90s... and he even called himself a #BuffLesbian.
By Alexandra Zaslow
  • Fanny pack and lean take it to a whole other level… #90sRock #WTF #BuffLesbian

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    Yes, that is Dwayne Johnson rocking a turtleneck/chain/fanny pack combo in the 90s… and yes, he uploaded that to Instagram for the world to see last week. Let’s not even try to talk about what’s going on with his hair…

    Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he was asked what exactly was in that leather fanny pack?

    His answer? Pop-Tarts and condoms.

    At least he was practicing safe sex and healthy eating!

  • Dwayne Johnson Explains His Infamous ’90s Throwback Instagram

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