George Takei Teaches You His Facebook Tricks

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  • George Takei is THE King of Facebook. What’s his secret?

    “There’s the word ‘meaty’ in media, but there’s the word ‘social’ in front of it,” Takei told What’s Trending. “It’s meaty with the rest of society and that becomes content and so it’s media talking about what is ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ and building a community.”

    When dealing with trolls on the Internet, Takei says it’s best to just ignore them.

    “For one thing, they’re anonymous so they feel like they have free license and so I kind of feel sorry for them,” he told us. “They’re angry people and we live in such a rich society with wonderful people to connect with. When they’re so bitter and negative about everything, I try to get them up and say ‘it’s not so bad.'”

    Watch and find out! Then let us know if his tips worked for you!

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine

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