Man Swallows Live Goldfish For NekNomination Stunt, Pukes

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  • Man Downs Two Goldfish In NekNomination

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    NekNomination has faced any amount of poor publicity of the past few months. The internet drinking craze spurred by social media has put young people in danger, engaging in nomination drinking stunts that are potentially life-threatening.

    “Neknomination. It’s a strange term that may be more recognizable in the United States soon. The worldwide drinking game reportedly killed two young men this week in Britain in separate incidents of speed drinking a lethal concoction of alcohol after being challenged to ‘outdo’ friends,” ABC News reported. “In this Internet game, players ‘neck’ — drink all at once — an outrageous alcoholic drink that might include other ingredients, such as protein powder or even engine oil, then they ‘nominate’ two others to top that feat. The outcome is then usually shared on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.”

    The latest concoction has topped all others: drinking live goldfish with alcohol. It is not only viewed as cruel, but illegal. Many who have filmed themselves engaging in such behavior have been fined. The same thing happened to Jack Blowers, who drank not one, but two live goldfish, only to puke them back out… alive.

    “Jack Blowers was sober when he went to a local shop to buy the fish, Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court in Suffolk heard.” The Mirror reports. “The 20-year-old was filmed setting up a pint-sized aquarium, complete with gravel and fish food, in a glass before drinking it in one go.”

    In the video, audiences wince as they watch the miniature aquarium go down.

    “The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook, goes on to show him vomiting up the contents of the glass into a toilet. He then rescued the fish and took them to his grandmother’s house, where he put them in her fish bowl,” the source continues. “They survived and are still alive today.”

    Despite this, prosecution is less than amused. The pre-meditation to go out and buy two live pet fish, only to drink them (and possibly kill them) is enough to land Blowers a charge of animal cruelty.

    “It was a stupid prank which has cost me a lot of money. I won’t do it again but my family are glad I didn’t do it with alcohol,” Blowers told the outlet.

    While he may have learned his lesson, he is not the first, nor the last to engage in a risky and costly NekNomination stunt.

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