Viner Jerome Jarre Just Can’t Stop Spreading The Love

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  • Ultimate Jerome Jarre Vine Compilation

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    Here at What’s Trending we’ve gone crazy for Vine superstar Jerome Jarre who, incidentally, spreads love like crazy.

  • Why walk when you can DANCE?

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    The 23-year-old Frenchman’s antics have won him 6.7 million followers and counting. Combining charming quirkiness with an endearing accent, he is one of Vine’s most popular contributors. However, he brings much more than his humor to the table.

    Few know that Jarre is an extremely successful businessman.


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    Yes, the man who brought us the Sweet Potato Opera is a businessman. A single brilliant idea allowed Jarre to turn Vine into a career and not merely a passion.


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    “Grapestory is the brainchild of Jerome Jarre, a 23-year-old French business-school dropout who had gained a massive following on Vine for his funny accent and teasing brand of comedy,” NY Magazine reported. “Jarre founded the agency in 2013 with tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, whom he met at a conference.”

    Grapestory allows Viners to connect with popular companies who need advertising done. Companies are willing to pay more than you’d think for a Vine celebrity, like Jarre, to advertise for them.


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    “Robert Downey Jr., the highest-paid actor in the world, took home $50 million for The Avengers, earning about $5,827 per second of the film,” the source does the math. “Nash Grier, a Vine star, earns $4,166 per second when he makes a branded video for companies like Virgin Mobile or MTV—$25,000 for a full six seconds. Companies find Nash through an agency called Grapestory, which helps stars create branded content for companies to post on their own Vine accounts. (Its lowest-paid talent makes $4,000 a video.)”


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    Ingenious! So, little known to most of his followers, not only does Jarre bring laughs to Vine followers, but he brings the spirit of entrepreneurship to Viners. Now that is spreading the love!

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