Troye Sivan’s TRXYE and “Happy Little Pill” Off to an Explosive Start

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  • Popular Australian YouTuber, Troye Sivan, announced at VidCon that he would be releasing his debut EP TRXYE this August. The EP went up for pre-order along with the first single off the EP for purchase at 12AM on Friday, July 25. To say that both the EP and single are off to an impressive start is a huge understatement.

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    This long, long list is the list of countries where TRXYE is in the top 10 on the iTunes charts.

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    This similarly lengthy list is all of the countries where “Happy Little Pill,” the EP’s debut single landed in the Top 10 spots on iTunes.

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  • Why are these chart topping feats so impressive? Well, because these are the results of only being available for a little over a day, without any major marketing campaign behind the EP. Most of the publicizing of the album so far has come from Troye himself, and his many well-known YouTuber friends. Following the foot steps of many of his online friends, Troye could very well be a significant figure in the bridging of traditional media and new media.

  • Happy Little Pill – (OFFICIAL AUDIO) – Troye Sivan

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    Here’s the audio for TRXYE‘s debut single, “Happy Little Pill.”

    You can pre-order the album, and purchase the single by clicking here.

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