Panic! At The Disco Responds to the Westboro Baptist Church In the Best Way Possible

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  • The Westboro Baptist Church is making headlines again after picketing a Panic! At The Disco concert. This was of course after the Westboro Baptist Church butchered one of the band’s hit songs “We Write Sins, Not Tragedies.”

  • WBC – You Love Sin What a Tragedy

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    This is what the WBC does in their free time in case you didn’t know. They have an entire SoundCloud page dedicated to this offensive madness, including a ridiculously offensive version of Frozen’s “Let It Go.”

    But, upon hearing that the WBC would be picketing their show, the boys of Panic! At the Disco decided to come up with the best response ever.

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    The band decided instead of finding a way to keep the WBC away from their show, they’d make the most out of the situation and pledge to donate $20 for every picketer from the church to show up.

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    Upon hearing that there were 13 picketers at their show, the band decided that donating $260 simply wasn’t enough, so they donated $1,000 to the Human Rights Campaign. But, they didn’t stop there…

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    Yep, Panic! At The Disco truly made the best of this whole ordeal. Shout out to the Westboro Baptist Church for helping the band donate over $1,000 to the Human Rights Campaign. It might have been the exact opposite of what you were looking to do, but at least you were indirectly doing something good for once.

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