Ever Wonder What Really Happens At Comic-Con?

First thing's first: Pick up your badge.
By Monica Lowe
  • What Really Happens at Comic Con (SONG)

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    DweebCast’s Chad Neidt and Andy Riesmeyer of YouTube would like to tell you what really happens at Comic-Con and we think you should listen.

    Will you get to meet Stan Lee? Will you get your X-Men comics signed? Which stars will you be able to selfie with? These are the kinds of questions Comic-Con go-ers ask themselves while on the commute over.

    BUT let’s face it, the questions these Comic-Con attendees should really be asking themselves on the way over are: “How long do I have to wait in line? How much of my time will be spent waiting in line? And…what will I do once I’m on line?”

    And if they’re already there? There’s only one question, isn’t there? “WHICH LINE SHOULD I GET ON?”

    Chad and Andy, we think you nailed it…

    And if you guys happen to be accepting submissions for song titles, might we suggest: