Vine’s Saucy Simone Shepherd’s Six Seconds Of Sass

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  • Ultimate Simone Shepherd Vine Compilation

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    From spot on Beyonce impersonations to hilarious appearances of the twerk fairy, Simone Shepherd is a Vine starlet with almost 3 million Vine followers and a growing acting career.

    Shepherd’s career has been, essentially, self-made. A comedian, an actress, and a strong, independent woman who writes her own content, she has been offered auditions for Saturday Night Live and works with brands including Trident and Wendy’s. During an interview with the YBF, she answered questions regarding her career path and the impact of social media on her life.

  • Ooooh, he wasn’t talking to me.

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    “The fact that I have [millions of] followers on Vine has really opened up a door for me. I’ve worked with major branding companies. I’ve worked with Trident and Wendy’s. I worked with a lot of bigger brands based on that so I have a lot going on and I plan on developing shows and make a movement,” she told YBF. “That is really the direction of my career. I’m already in development with big people to get that stuff rolling. And in the meantime I will continue doing sketches and spoofing people because that’s just something that I love to do.”

  • Crazy Girlfriends Be Like…

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    Passionate and strong-willed (something that can be easily sense in her videos), Shepherd looks forward to dipping her toes not only in acting, but in stand-up comedy. An even larger goal for her, however, is that she wants to use her influence as a Vine celebrity to encourage her followers to stand up against opposition – whatever that opposition may be.

  • The Thirsty Girl Song

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    “A lot of the women I see kind of taking strides and move in the industry in entertainment news and media outlets. I like the fact that women are saying no matter what you say what I can or can’t do, I can do it. So I’m starting this campaign very soon that I’m going to launch called the Press Campaign and it’s about pressing forward through opposition,” she told the source. “Can’t let other people decide who you are and what you’re going to be.”

  • Twerk Fairy

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    Funny as she is, her more serious messages for the world are powerful:

    “Look I’m a woman but I’m not just a woman. I’m a writer. I’m this. I’m that. I’m not just a single mother but I’m able to do all these different things that you don’t think I’m able to do and I’m going to tell my own story.”

    Cheers to Simone Shepherd for telling her own story. Here’s to following her story for years to come.

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