Long Live The King: Nash Grier, King Of Vine

Today's Vine superstar is Nash Grier, the number one most subscribed Viner to roam the Internet.
By Sheryl Crespo
  • Ultimate Nash Grier Vine Compilation

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    Nash Grier. Chances are if you’ve scoured Vine, you’ve heard of him. Actually, chances are if you’ve scoured the Internet, you’ve heard of him. With 8 million followers, he’s the most follower person on Vine. Plus, he’s only a teenager, beating plenty of people who trump him in age.

  • That one friend that tries to wear clothes that are too small.

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    Grier is a devout and, as he often quips “Jesus-loving” Christian from North Carolina. Unlike many Vine stars he doesn’t use cuss words, avoids doing anything he believes may lower his audience, and tries to keep the tone of his Vines upbeat.

  • Dear lord please help this man get the booty…

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    “Nash makes funny videos, or at least the teenagers watching them find them funny. Many of his most esteemed clips feature his 4-year-old sister, Skylynn, in varying states of minstrelsy: repeating rap lyrics or flipping an imaginary weave,” NY Magazine reported. “Other Vines include jokes about gender roles (‘How guys fart vs. how girls fart’), Jesus Christ, and celebrities. He has Disney Channel good looks and eyes the color of blue Gatorade, a topic of persistent fascination to his fangirls, who flood his comment section with thousands of notes of encouragement containing hundreds of thousands of heart emojis. Within three weeks of joining Vine, Nash hit 100,000 followers.”

  • Ratchet Rapunzel let down her weave.

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    His target population happens to be the one most predominant on such social media as Vine: 15 through 17-year-olds. He’s a cocktail of everything a teenage girl likes, moreso when he films with his friend Cameron Dallas. Paired together, the Vine comments section on his posts only ever have adoration.

    “Nash’s most effective videos trade on his ultra-authentic real-boy vibe, often dramatizing the disjuncture between the high-rolling lifestyles of pop celebrity with his own pedestrian high-school existence. Recurring schticks are pretending to steal someone’s girlfriend, or pranking his friends,” the source continued. “His Vines are masterful stunts of calibration—not too hot, not too cold; not too serious, not too goofy. They imagine a world where alienation does not exist; seeing one is equivalent to taking an anti-anxiety pill.”

  • “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Baby… Come Through.”

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    Perhaps this is what sets Nash Grier apart from other Viners. On the Internet, strange can become normal. His antics, which play off of the normal, become a rare commodity amidst it all. His signature boy-next-door style has landed up him fame on and off the computer screen.

    “His popularity has been growing at an exponential pace. He has gained over 300,000 followers on Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube a week,” his bio on his website states. “He has been on numerous TV shows recently such as Good Day America and Good Day New York showcasing his comedic talents. Nash has joined with AwesomnessTV to create new and improved content to his loyal fans.”

  • It’s gotta be those blue eyes.

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    Loyal, indeed. Despite some setbacks, Grier maintains his position as King of Vine, settling into the hearts of teenagers everywhere.