“Mudbloods” Trailer Proves Quidditch is REAL!

Feature-length documentary about the UCLA Quidditch Squad fires back against nerd stereotypes
By Lon Harris
  • MUDBLOODS Official Trailer

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    “Mudbloods” – the first feature-length documentary about the new, Harry Potter-inspired sport of Quidditch – doesn’t hit the Web until October. But you can get a first look at Farzad Sangari’s unlikely sports film right now in this new trailer.

    The movie follows the dedicated UCLA Quidditch Squad as they make their way to the elite Quidditch World Cup competition in New York City. Along the way, they’ll have to dodge not only their on-field competitors, but everyday haters who dismiss their passion as “nerdy” or a fake, made-up sport.

    The real-life version of Quidditch (sometimes called “Muggle Quidditch,” after the Potter world’s non-magical citizens) ditches the supernatural elements from the Potter books and films, instead finding players running around with brooms in hand, tossing deflated volleyballs into hoops. (Yes, there is also a “snitch,” usually a tennis ball inside a sock.)

    The sport apparently can prove physically demanding – the trailer even includes a close-up on a bloody injury. So what do you think – would you try out a game of Quidditch, or should all these players trade in their brooms for a lacrosse stick?