Busta Rhymes Makes Cameo In Toyota’s Extremely Akward “Swagger Wagon” Sequel

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    Because it’s 2014, Toyota is back with another awkward family rap odes to its Sienna minivan model, A.K.A. “The Swagger Wagon“.

    If you can think back to 2010, you’ll remember that Toyota released an eerily similarly themed ad which went viral, taking the internet by storm and becoming an anthem for parents who were still trying to be hip while juggling the to-dos of parenting.

    Well, the swagger wagon is back and don’t you even think about calling it a minivan…

    Busta Rhymes joins the “Neubert” family in taking this video way over the top. He spits rhymes like: “We go across the almanac/ Yeah, I know who be the waviest/ But when it come to this cul-de-sac/ This family is the craziest.”

    We’ll have to wait and see if the updated version of Swagger Wagon eclipses the original’s 12 million views. Unless it generates the enthusiastic response that 2010’s version did, It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing that any time soon.

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