Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt busts out his street cred by KILLING Eminem's "Forgot About Dre."
  • Chris Pratt joined radio host DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 Monday as part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy promotional tour, which has proven to be extremely entertaining.

    When asked what kind of music he’s into, Pratt replied that around the time Eminem’s first album dropped, as well as Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001, he was “living in a van in Maui, smoking weed everyday,” which helped him learn all of the words.

    To prove it, Pratt belted out Eminem’s entire verse from his and Dre’s “Forgot About Dre,” flawlessly without missing a word.

    He also took a shot at Orlando Bloom, after learning of the actor’s scuffle with Justin Bieber. “How embarrassing to get punched by Orlando Bloom.”

    “Like of all the people to get punched by it’s Orlando Bloom?”

    “I would rather get farted on by David Hasselhoff than punched by Orlando Bloom!” Pratt joked.

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    Chris Pratt Raps “Forgot About Dre”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdqfR0wRTbI

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine