5 Life Hacks That Will Make Baking A Cake SO Much Easier

Baking a cake can be hard sometimes, but these hacks will solve all your problems!
By Greg Baker
  • Using flour will add volume to your cake. Life hack!


    Source: www.downeastfood.com

  • Putting a couple eggs in your cake will give it texture AND keep it moist. What a hack.

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  • Sugar will make your cake pretty sweet in flavor, and in style.

    Spoon full of sugar art

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  • Here’s another hack! Preheating your oven to 375° about 30 or so minutes before putting your cake in the oven will make it easier to bake! Woah!


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  • Frosting! Frosting will make your cake SO much better than if it had no frosting on it! Life hack life hack life hack!

    Cnyeats fluffy frosting and black bot cupcakes7

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