The ‘Apparently’ Kid Is Back With More To Say!

Noah Ritter proves once again that he'd make a fine reporter.
By Monica Lowe
  • Noah Ritter Kid reporter at home – Apparently Best Interview EVER on Live TV

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    He’s baaaaaack!

    Sometimes we really do get what we wish for when we want it bad enough.

    The world wanted more of Noah Ritter and we got more of Noah Ritter!

    Unfortunately for us, Noah discloses that he doesn’t plan on becoming a reporter when he grows up, but a paleontologist. If that doesn’t work out, which isn’t likely because his brain is “apparently” pretty big making him smart, he’ll consider the job of a weather man.

    Gosh darn he’s cute. Someone give this little boy as many drinks as he wants.

    If this is your first time hearing about Noah, that’s okay, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve got Noah’s first interview here!