Our Own Shira Lazar Joined Kingsley’s Overexposed Podcast

Wonder how What's Trending came about? We have all the details here!
By Alexandra Zaslow
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    Our own Shira Lazar joined Kingsley on his Overexposed Podcast to chat about how What’s Trending got its start.

    “I was covering a lot of Internet news and digital culture stuff at CBS and started interviewing YouTube stars at the very first VidCon actually,” Shira told Kingsley.

    While at CBS, she was covering entertainment, doing red carpet interviews, but she was starting to get sick of all the celebrity gossip. She wanted to find her own thing and since she was in the world of the web, she started vlogging and blogging about YouTube stars and thought, “hey, there should be a show about this.” She had the credibility of being part of a news outlet, but she still felt like she was late to the game and that she should’ve started it years ago.

    “I wanted to create something special, something that would be respected,” she said.

    In October of 2009, she created the first outline of What’s Trending. This was a time where the world of YouTube was very different than it is now.

    “When What’s Trending started, it became a place where I wanted to bring in all the amazing digital talent and bring them together with traditional and Hollywood stars who are doing interesting things with the digital space.”

    What’s next for What’s Trending? We have a development deal with HLN as they relaunch as a social media network for the next generation.

    “We represent the voice within social media,” Shira told Kingsley. “Our deal with HLN is still in the air, but we did a pilot so we’ll see!”

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