Peter Frampton Throws Fan’s Cell Phone, Crowd Cheers

But, seriously, put those cell phones away. You're blocking everyone's view!
By Monica Lowe
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    The following is an excerpt from Peter Frampton throws audience member’s phone at Indiana concert

    Peter Frampton wants to show his fans the way to behave at concerts.

    The “Do You Feel Like We Do” rocker scolded two audience members during a recent performance in Carmel, Indiana, before hurling one of their cell phones across the stage during his set.

    Melissa Schickel was seated in the audience and recounted the incident Wednesday in an article for OnStage magazine. Things were going smoothly until a couple arrived late and sat in the front row. They had apparently missed the venue’s warning before the concert telling audience members not to take flash photography during Frampton’s performance.

    According to Schickel, Frampton repeatedly gestured to the couple to stop snapping photos of him while he was onstage, but they did not relent. Schickel also claims that the couple were drinking and became belligerent, hurling insults at Frampton and the audience.

    After several songs, the rocker had reached his wit’s end.

    “I have never seen an artist so upset before,” Schickel wrote.

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    The following is an excerpt from Peter Frampton Throws Audience Member’s Cell Phone Into The Rafters

    Some artists kindly ask you to stay off your phone. Some tell you to. Jack White sends out a bro that gives a whole public service announcement about it. Jeff Mangum reportedly will turn into a pillar of salt if someone snaps his virtual image.

    And then there is Peter Frampton. The 70’s guitar legend started by asking fans in Carmel, Indiana to not take video or use their flash. Then he allegedly made a direct plea with a couple that stood near the stage who disregarded his requests, causing him to play with his back to the audience.

    As Onstage Magazine reports, the video recording party seemed like real jerks, flipping off Frampton and calling the rest of the fans “deadbeats.” So Frampton went rogue and did what everyone likely wanted to do: he obtained the phone and threw it toward the rafters.

    There is no video of the incident, as the rest of the audience was probably deathly afraid of recording at that point, but consider this a small victory for artists against cell phones. Your move, cell phones.

  • Here’s what people are saying about the incident. Way to go, Frampton!

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