Ted Lasso’s Baaaaack!

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  • Jason Sudeikis returns as the famous Coach Ted Lasso character for a brand new NBC Sports English Premier League promo… and he’s better than ever!

    Lasso takes time away from coaching girls’ little league team the St. Catherine’s Fighting Owls to embarrass himself with USMNT legend Tim Howard in preparation for the first Premier League broadcast on August 16th.

    Yes, he still knows less about soccer than most viewers… and yes, he doesn’t know the word relegation, but he’s still hilarious.

    That’s all that matters right?

    The video also features America’s hero Tim Howard! You remember him, don’t you?

    Because you should.

    But if you’ve had a lobotomy recently, we’ve got you covered: https://wtwebaccount.wpengine.com/news/12228-tim-howard-he-s-the-hero-united-states-deserves

    So yes, watch it for the hilarity, watch it for Tim Howard, JUST WATCH IT.

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    The Return of Coach Lasso: NBC Sports Premier League Film Featuring Jason Sudeikis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRqyp

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine

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