Hannah Hart’s First Authorial Effort Hits Shelves and Doorsteps

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  • My drunk kitchen a guide to eating drinking and going with your gut by hannah hart
  • The day has finally come! Hannah Hart’s long awaited book, My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going With Your Gut is on shelves and doorsteaps (if you pre-ordered) today! It would seem that we’re not the only ones excited for it.

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  • Some of your (and our) favorite YouTubers got their copies of the book early, and so far they’ve had nothing but good things to say!

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    Looks like Hannah hand delivered a copy of the book to Robin Roemer, the photographer behind the book herself!

    We’re so excited to read Hannah’s new book. We also look forward to see the direction Hannah will take her “My Drunk Kitchen” brand with this book, which you can order online from any major book retailer, or at a bookstore near you!

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    It looks like there’s a shortage of the book both in store and in online order fulfillment, as many hartosexuals have yet to receive their pre-ordered copy of the book. Hannah posted the above video to Instagram with the caption:

    Hey guys…

    I went to every bookstore I could find in NYC and couldn’t find the book. They had heard of it and said that they had asked been asked a bunch of times today… Thank you guys for all your love and support. Trust me, I’m very disappointed that a lot of the Amazon shipments are delayed and that retailers don’t have copies in store. I promise that it was out of my hands and I was just as unaware as you. Hope you know that I would never encourage you guys with false info. Our bright side is that it’s gonna be avail eventually! You guys are so positive and great. Can’t wait to Winestream when we all have out copies and can get quite turnt.

    All my love, Hannah

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