Aladdin On Broadway Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

Last night the cast of Broadway's Aladdin closed the show with a tribute to Robin Williams with some help from the audience.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Broadway’s Cast of ALADDIN Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

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    Before everyone left the theater after a production of Aladdin on Broadway, the cast of Aladdin and the audience that night paid tribute to Robin Williams. The cast and audience participated in a sing along of “Friend Like Me” in celebration of the life of a great entertainer.

  • Jimmy Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

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    Of course they weren’t the only ones to pay tribute to the late great entertainer, as Jimmy Fallon paid his tributes as well. Fallon shows Williams’ first ever appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and ended with the ever iconic “Oh Captain, my Captain” salute from Dead Poets Society.