‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Stills Released

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  • Hypable has the story…

    The following is an excerpt from ‘Downton Abbey’ season 5 cast photo, first stills released

    PBS’ Masterpiece has released several brand new looks at Downton Abbey season 5, including the annual cast photo in front of their iconic home.

    This year’s Downton Abbey group photo, pictured above, includes several notable additions: Robert’s dog is making his first appearance in the group photo as are Lady Mary and Branson’s respective children (the new actors for the kids were announced last week).

    Several high-res Downton Abbey season 5 stills were also released by PBS/Masterpiece today. In them we see characters like Branson, Lord Gillingham, Lady Mary, Isobel Crawley, Bates and Anna, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, Thomas, Daisy, Cora, Branson, and others.

    Of all these photos, the most telling may be the one of Lady Mary, Lord Gillingham, and Branson. Has Mary selected Gillingham as her new suitor in the wake of Matthew’s death? Throughout season 4 Lady Mary was frequently caught between Gillingham and Charles Blake, but the former has always had the favor of the audience thanks to his dashing looks and chemistry with Mary.

  • Mirror Online has more…

    The following is an excerpt from Downton Abbey series 5 spoilers: Shocks in store as fire rips through Crawley’s stately pile

    The roaring Twenties have hit Downton Abbey with a vengeance as the fifth series opens with parties and luncheons galore.

    Gone are Mary’s drab widow’s weeds and instead she is actively enjoying her search for husband number two.

    The feature-length opener continues with many of the stories set up during series four, with poor Edith still pining after lover Michael Gregson and Thomas Barrow still torturing Miss Baxter over her secret past.

    And there’s still a hint of sadness lingering over Anna, who appears to be keeping Mr Bates at arm’s length (at least in the bedroom) following her horrific ordeal at the hands of Mr Green last year.

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