Downton Abbey’s Overlooked But Glaring Error In Press Photo

So when were plastic water bottles invented again? Certainly not the 1920s.
By Monica Lowe
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  • People Magazine has the story…

    The following is an excerpt from Downton Abbey Photo Gaffe Sparks Internet Sensation

    Say this for the Crawleys: They sure know how to hydrate.

    Thing is, as this publicity photo to help hype the upcoming season 5 of Downton Abbey all too nakedly displays, for once the noble family has done something wrong – and very publicly.

    As picked up by the BBC and several other news outlets worldwide – to say nothing of fans by the thousands – a very modern plastic water bottle perched behind them spoils the otherwise perfect period pose of Robert, Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), and his daughter, Lady Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael), as they stand before the grand mantelpiece of the manor.

  • The Kansas City Star has more…

    The following is an excerpt from Oops! Spot the historical error in Downton Abbey’s promo shot

    Season 5 of Downton Abbey doesn’t premiere in the U.S. until Jan. 4, but one promotional picture released today has fans pointing out a glaring error.

    Thirsty, anyone? It turns out a plastic water bottle was left on the mantel of a fireplace behind Hugh Bonneville posing as Robert, Earl of Grantham and Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith Crawley.

    Plastic water bottles were apparently not around until the 1960s; Downton Abbey’s fifth season is set in 1924. Oops.

    We think someone must’ve been parched after a long day of shooting.

  • Here’s what some are saying about the gaffe. Just laugh it off, BBC. Just laugh it off.

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