Selling Weed to Cops Prank – Real or Fake?

Calen Morelli has raised some eyebrows with a video where he appears to offer a bag of weed to a police officer, but makes it disappear when the cop approaches him.
By Jonathan Harris
  • Have you ever just been dying to attempt to sell drugs to law enforcement and just didn’t know if you could get away with it? Calen Morelli took the plunge for you and found out that you indeed can tempt a cop with weed, as long as you make it disappear before he can arrest you.

    Internet comments suspect foul play — many are calling out a series of frames around 0:16 as evidence that some camera trickery was at work, and that the police officer must have been in on the joke.

    In today’s What’s Trending Now, Shira Lazar talks about Morelli, the burgeoning Internet prankster, and editor Morgan Tremaine shows us all how you can make your own disappearing baggie of weed.


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    Magician Tries to Sell Weed to Cops:

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    Edited By: Brian Lew