"The changes they're announcing today will enhance the experience for the animals, workers, and visitors of the park."
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  • LA Times has the details…

    The following is an excerpt from Amid ‘Blackfish’ backlash, SeaWorld to expand orca environments

    Battered by controversy over its treatment of killer whales, SeaWorld San Diego announced Friday that it plans to double the size of its orca environment, contribute an additional $10 million to research on the species and establish an independent advisory committee of scientists to oversee its orca program.

    Called the Blue World Project, the new orca environment will be nearly double the size of the current facility, covering 1.5 acres at 50 feet deep and 350 feet in length. The new habitat will have 10 million gallons of water, up from 5.6 million.

    The new pool will allow visitors to view the orcas from a 40-foot-tall glass wall below the water line, SeaWorld officials said in an announcement.

  • The Dodo tells us more…

    The following is an excerpt from The End Of SeaWorld

    “Blackfish,” The Oceanic Preservation Society, The Dodo, over 100,000 users on and many other sites have made it their business to actively campaign against SeaWorld’s mistreatment of animals. SeaWorld can’t survive that, plain and simple.

    Business as usual is not a solution. SeaWorld can hold on for a few more years, as its stock continues to fall into the single digits and its market cap becomes untenable. Or SeaWorld management and investors can hit the reset button.