Charlie Sheen Hates On The Ice Bucket Challenge, Encourages Cash Donations For ALS

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  • The ALS Association came up with a genius way to raise money and awareness. They created the Ice Bucket Challenge, where people pour a bucket of ice water on their heads and then nominate people to do the same or donate.

    With the help of social media, they have already raised $22.9 million for the ALS Association — also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

    Celebrities have been showing their support too.

  • The BEST Ice Bucket Challenges!

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  • There has also been a lot of criticism on whether it’s just a trendy way to show off on social media or if it’s actually helping the cause.

    Charlie Sheen and Ryan Higa hopped on the Ice Bucket Challenge train and showed us the good behind the cause.

  • Ice Bucket Challenge!

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    Ryan Higa dumped $100 that he plans on donating to the ALS Association instead of ice water. “Now I know what a stripper feels like… well, a really good stripper,” he said after.

    Just when he thought he was doing the right thing, his friends surprise him with a cold bucket of ice water and dump it on his head.

  • Charlie Sheen — Ice Bucket Challenge with a BIG Twist

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    Charlie Sheen got nominated by Ryan Miller and made it rain by throwing $10,000 in cash on his head.

    “Let’s face it, the ice is going to melt, but this money is actually going to help people,” Sheen said.

    He then nominated Ashton Kutcher, Chuck Lorre and John Cryer to do exactly what he just did.

    “Come on guys, it’s for a great cause,” Sheen exclaims. “Have a great day!”

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