Being Tased Hurts, Slow-Mo Photo Shoot Confirms

People of all races, shapes and sizes, submitted to be shot (i.e. both photographed and tasered, see what I did there?) in slow motion.
By Jonathan Harris
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  • On every What’s Trending post, we have to select one of the following categories: Music, Inspiring, Funny, News or Pop. Watching people yelp in pain at 240 frames per second counts as funny….I guess?

    Well, the crowds who showed up to watch Patrick Hall’s latest photo shoot thought so. Why do a photo shoot in this situation? According to Hall: “As a good portrait photographer, you’re always trying to get something real.” 300,000 volts in your stomach is certainly real, if completely horrifying.

    If you’re not convinced of the artistic merit of this project, check out Hall’s nearly ten minute behind-the-scenes video, where he talks about everything but where the craft services department picked up the chocolate croissants.

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