Jean Claude Van Damme’s Coors Light “Ice Bar” is Made of CGIce

Jean Claude Van Damme appears in a British Coors Light ad and you are still no more likely to purchase Coors Light.
By Jonathan Harris
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    Say what you will about Coors Light, but they have a top notch advertising team. You see, they realize that they can’t advertise the product’s taste or quality — those just won’t hold up to even the most basic level of scrutiny. So, commercials for Coors Light promote something that the company has literally no control over: the temperature of the beer when you drink it.

    “Hey, if you put this in the refrigerator for awhile,” they say, “the beer will be cold, and then people might be able to reasonably drink it!”

    I’m sold. Now all they need is a gimmick. Cue Jean Claude Van Damme, who now has plenty of time since his career-defining actually-brilliant no-I’m-not-joking role in The Expendables 2 as Vilain.

    The rest, as they say, is history. Van Damme will kick a bunch, and invite the Brits to join him in his “ice bar,” which appears to be a sort of Fortress of Solitude, where Van Damme can escape from the excessive pressure of being a 90s action star.

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