Nick Jonas Answers Your Twitter Questions

What's the most difficult thing about being a celeb?
By Alexandra Zaslow
  • Nick Jonas sat down with Shira Lazar of What’s Trending to answer your questions from Twitter in front of a lucky group of winners from Dash Radio & Myspace.

    Shira: What was the strategy moving forward with all these songs because you’re doing something very different this time around?

    Nick: “To release chains and set the vibe for the whole album and really create a beautiful video to go along with it, so the visual for the record and the feeling was all there and now with ‘Jealous,’ it shows the range of the album and where it’s all going to go.”

    Shira: I like how you made jealousy into something positive.

    Nick: “It is a bad quality I guess and probably not the best thing for a relationship, but I think that it’s totally human and that everyone can relate to it and that’s what makes this song fun. and in the video, we take it outside of just the romantic sense and we go into all forms of jealousy and not everyone feels that way. Music brings people together and in a sense this song does as well.”

    Shira: You worked on Demi Lovato’s tour, which was awesome. How has that influenced the way you’re approaching your tour? Has that changed things? Have you learned things in the process?

    Nick: “Helping put that show together was a lot of fun. I love Demi to death and I loved putting that show together. I’m actually going back tonight to go to one of her rehearsals.”

    Shira: She has collabed on your album now as well.

    Nick: “She was happy to do the song. We heard it and it kind of oddly sums up our relationship and it’s a blessing for both of us that it just came about and we love singing it together.”

    Shira: It’s a celebration.

    Nick: “It is, even though it’s kind of darker. It’s called ‘Avalanche’ so it’s kind of on the edge of breaking down”

    Are you excited for Nick’s new self-titled album? Make sure to check back to see his performances of “Chains” and “Jealous” which will be posted soon! Don’t forget to SHARE this video on Twitter with the hashtag #WTNick and you could win a shirt!

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine