Swedish Homeless Experiment Shows That Rinkeby is WAY More Generous Than Stureplan

Dozens of Rinkeby citizens are charitable givers, whereas Stureplan is full of greedy tight-wads.
By Jonathan Harris
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    I’m sure you’ve already chosen a side in the long-ranging battle between Stureplan and Rinkeby. I mean, who hasn’t? Konrad Ydhage, from STHLM Panda, settles the score by pretending to be homeless in both areas of Stockholm.

    In the affluent, Park Avenue-esque neighborhood of Stureplan, not a single citizen agreed to give Ydhage even a single Swedish Krona (the equivalent of 14 cents). But when he went to the more urban, impoverished (for Sweden) neighborhood of Rinkeby, individuals were far more generous. In fact, over 30 people offered up the meager request, and Ydhage paid them back with double what they’d given. Yes, that’s right. TWO WHOLE SEK! (For you first graders, that’s 28 cents.)

    Of course, it’s long been known that poor people are more generous than the rich, but seeing it in action is quite jarring.

    Will this trend catch on in the U.S.? Does “Brother, Can You Spare Two Sek” have that ring to it?