Mom Ambushed by Maniacal Toilet Paper Gun

From now on, TP stands for Totally Pwn3d
By Lon Harris
  • Another Victory for the TP6000

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    From the safety of Fire Base Charmin, dad Eric Cire and his son, Remy, unleashed a powerful stream of loose toilet paper on their unsuspecting wife and mother. The results have unsurprisingly taken over the Internet, making the impressive firing power of the TP6000 something of a “shot heard round the world.”

    The video has clocked over 300,000 views in 3 days online, and if you haven’t seen it on your local newscast yet… that’s probably because, like most Americans, you aren’t religiously watching local news.

    It’s the very first YouTube video to go up on Cire’s channel, who’s already being hailed “Best Dad Ever” around the web.

    In the Reddit thread devoted to the video, Cire reveals the instructions for creating your own DIY toilet paper cannon at home:

    “Duct tape a paint roller to the end of a leaf blower. Make sure you load the to so it unwinds toward the blower, that way it unwinds when air is on. You have to space the paint roller a bit above the blower hole, not took about 10 wasted rolls to get the spacing correct. Sorry about typos, on phone. Make sure you keep pants zipped so you don’t get anything caught in the ceiling fan.”

    See? The Internet is educational after all!