Kina Grannis Celebrates Wedding Anniversary By Releasing Wedding Video

If this isn't the cutest anniversary celebration, we don't know what is.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Kina Grannis – “My Dear” (Official Music Video / My Wedding Video)

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    Kina Grannis celebrated her one year wedding anniversary by releasing a new music video…of her wedding! If this isn’t the cutest anniversary celebration, we don’t know what is!

    Now, Kina has actually been teasing this video for the past week over on her Pinterest. She posted photos from her wedding with little snippets of what her wedding was like. Everything was adorable,right down to the programs!

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    Our programs doubled as fans (designed and assembled by my mom), which was extremely necessary considering it was somehow in the 90s until midnight. HOT.

  • So congrats and happy anniversary to our friend, Kina Grannis! You can find more of her wedding photos by clicking here.

    If you want to see the lovely couple on tour, click here to see if Kina’s tour is headed your way!