Think YOUR Boss Is Bad? Check This Out.

A Pennsylvania doctor terminated an employee of 12 years because she had recently been diagnosed with cancer.
By Jonathan Harris
  • Think about the worst boss you’ve ever had. Was he/she (probably he) grossly incompetent? Completely ineffective as a leader? Just an asshole? Carol Jumper, from Beaver Falls, PA, has you all beat.

    She was recently diagnosed with ovarian and pancreatic cancer, and promptly received this letter from her boss, George Visnich, Jr.

  • Drvisnich

    Fortunately, in one of those renews-your-faith-in-mankind moments, hundreds of locals have come to her defense, and even created a Facebook group called Bumper’s Buddies to fundraise on Jumper’s behalf.

    Jumper’s fiance, Dennis Smerigan, did not mince words with his thoughts on the letter: “I was pissed when I read that letter. No kind of man sends a letter like that.”