Cyclist “Gets Doored” By A Taxi in New York, Everyone Feels Bad

"And that's why I don't ride in bike lanes."
By Jonathan Harris
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    There’s a rich history of animosity between drivers and bicyclists in big cities. Cyclists argue that they have just as much right to the road as cars, and car drivers argue that bicyclists are pompous asshats who slow everyone down with their children’s toys. (Here in Los Angeles, we have an especially testy relationship, as the seemingly bi-weekly CicLAvia blocks off half the city for these hippies.)

    Of course, we should all remember that cars are much more violent weapons than bicycles, as evidenced by this first-person video of a cyclist getting “doored” by a taxi in Union Square.

    Fortunately, he’s okay, and everyone gets out of this without too many hurt feelings, though the cab driver wants everyone to know that he warned his passenger about the bicyclist before she opened the door.

    The major point bicyclist Dan Connor wants to make is that it can be much more dangerous to ride in the bike lane, but he gets tickets when he doesn’t. I think we can all agree on the solution: everyone gets cars. More lanes, more freeways, more cars, less talking with each other! Everyone wins.