Yearbook Photo With Cats, Lasers, Perfectly Describes The Internet

The Internet likes only a few things and they're all in this yearbook photo.
By Jonathan Harris
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    Schenectady High School student Draven Rodriguez should graduate early, because I’m sure a thousand Internet companies are already reaching out to him asking about the secret to going viral. The answer? Cats and lasers.

    He wants to use this photo as his senior portrait, and there’s apparently a chance he won’t be able to.

    School officials: just let him do it.

    1) His name is Draven, so he’s going to become a supervillain and smite you.

    2) You aren’t doing a good job of breaking the stereotype of school officials being humorless dicks.

    His online petition has already well-eclipsed his 500 signature goal. This is going to happen. Let’s just let the Internet win.